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Thread: Miami result same as Buffalo result

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinstar View Post
    The better QB will win the game. On this sunday, that should be Mark Sanchez. I would like add this small caveat about this game. While they know us, we don't know them because of the totally new coaching staff.
    But dont they not know us?

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    We lose this one and we looking at a possible 1-4 start, so yeah close to a must win. I dont care that it is game 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsNeedNewton View Post
    Can't just quote 1 fact and say that's it. Only 6 teams are not .500.
    How about:
    • We are 1st in the AFC east
    • holMEs' ego will want to make up for last year AND last week. He can't whine he wasn't targeted last week and he did squat with it. One overthrow and a lot of drops.
    • Sparano really wants this one after getting fired.
    • Sanchez really wants this one to show we've achieved unity since last year.
    • Rex really wants this one so we will still be #1 AFC east
    • Can they teach the whole D how to tackle in just one week?
    • Where the heck is this Schillians dude? I'm starting to think his injuries are just to cover the fact that he is useless.
    The scare factors:

    Heat in Miami and the conditioning of the Jets
    Fins are 4 th in NFL in rush defense after facing Houston and the raiders,who both feature outstanding backs,so it will be up to Sanchez to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    Dolphins have a one dimensional offense, and if we sell out to stop Reggie Bush we'll stop them, no doubt in my mind.

    The real question is, can we score? They are best in the NFL in yards per carry allowed (facing Arian Foster and Darren McFadden) so Sanchez will have to step up. If we struggle on offense it will be a close game and the Miami heat (rest assured, we'll be in dark green and they'll be in white) might make a difference down the stretch.

    At the end of the day, I think there are enough factors in our favor that we'll win. Simply put, I think our team is better and wants/needs this one more.
    So do we, but atleast bthey can rush the passer.


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