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Thread: Injured Jet Watches Team From Sports Bar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nike View Post
    i dont judge other people for their actions. as i said before i dont expect him to sit home alone in his feetie pajamas and drink warm milk. if theres a team policy thats one thing. injured players belong on the sidelines, rex seems to not want that.
    I think since Revis had a concussion they erred on the side of caution and had him stay home. No need to bring him to Pittsburgh if he's not playing. Plus, many teams keep their injured at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruby2 View Post
    You dont put a concussed player on an airplane

    No no take away their airplane keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlagmanL11 View Post
    So let me understand this... A player out with a concussion, misses a game due to it and goes out to a bar... I do have a problem with it due to the fact he was out due to concussion. So Monday morning, there is foggy feeling.

    Who here has had a confirmed concussion?
    I have had a few concussions over the years. The last one had me suffering from post concussive syndrome for weeks. That fogginess Revis spoke of is all too real.

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