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Thread: Funny the way things work out sometimes (Our RB situation)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sec340 View Post
    I was never down on any 2011 rookies because they had no off season. Still not sure about BP but you can not be a successfull running team with Greene as your featured back. He has no moves, no 2nd gear and does not make anybody miss. Plus he can't catch out of the backfield. I am more concerned about RB then any other postion on the Offense even without injuires. I am hoping Mcknight takes advantage of his oppurtunities because he can run inside and out and catch.
    +1, or so it seems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradis View Post
    A taco would look better than Greene out there.

    Make no mistake - Powell's chocolate covered average. We're desperate though. Desperate to stop seeing the ball handed off to a snowman.

    Gimme more McKnight I say. He might actually take one to the house in my life time. When was the last time a Jet did that?

    Oh ya.

    Greene against SD in the playoffs. We're still trying to figure that one out.
    L.T. against BUF in 2010 before his legs died on him in Week 5.

    Definitely agree that it's Powell/McKnight time, but these guys have to take it. All they have to do is bust a 30-yarder or two and I'm confident that Greene's carries will steadily decline.

    The coaches have to be thinking that their 1,000 yard back who has almost 600 career carries is a better choice on most first downs than two guys who have combined for less than 100 and not done much with them...the other two have to make it happen on the field.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McGinley View Post
    Personally, I'm looking for more Joe.
    Me too! I think McKnight has looked the best carrying the ball in his limited action.


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