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Thread: Who sits? Bush, Foster, AP, Spiller

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    Who sits? Bush, Foster, AP, Spiller


    Ive got a very tough decision to make this week. I drafted before it was known AP was going to be back (drafted him in the 3rd) + i always intentionally lose my first game to get waiver wire priority so I got CJ spiller. I now find myself in a tricky situation.

    On my roster Ive got:

    AP (SF)
    Bush (NYJ)
    Foster (Den)
    Spiller (Cle)

    I can only start 2 at RB and one at flex.

    Right now, I am thinking that AP is out versus that stout SF defense.

    The Jets defense always struggles with very fast and agile backs, so I think that Bush will really prosper this week. But, being he is the fins only true offensive threat, the Jets might really key in on him and force their rookie QB to try and beat them.

    Spiller has to play against the browns. And foster is a lock to start IMO, he is a machine.

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    Spiller and Foster easy IMO


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