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Thread: Too many non-NFL people on the sidelines..

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    Too many non-NFL people on the sidelines..

    The Antrel Rolle kind of injury situation should never happen.

    With all the camera/lens/audio high technology tools available to media professionals, for what purpose are 10 to 15 people stationed in the endzone, where there is what, 15 feet of room after the endline?

    Sidelines too! Check out the games Sunday and notice how many people other than players, coaches and league officials are standing over there.

    If you have sat close to an NFL game, you will be in shock over how fast today's player are and how hard they hit.

    Someone is going to get seriously injured I'm afraid. Rolle was lucky.

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    I dont mnd them being there. But they have to make every effort to get out of the way when the play is coming at them.

    The guy last night watched rolle run right into him and he never tried to get out of the way. What a dope.

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    that area of the end zone is very narrow to begin with it looked to be similiar or smaller than at metlife stadium. the nfl makes many stupid rules but overlooks some real important ones like this.


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