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Thread: New Story: All-22 Breakdown Jets-Steelers: Defense

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    After watching the Steelers-Broncos game I expected the Steelers to come out with quick short passes and they started their first two drives off with receiver screens. On the first drive the screen to Brown went for an easy eight, on the next play Bart Scott made a great read bursting through the hole and hitting Redman in the backfield, Scott couldn't finish the tackle though, I know you've heard that before, but his teammates were there to clean up and bring Redman down for a eight yard loss. On third-and-10 the Steelers ran an end-round to Brown for an...


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    I'm not as optimistic as the writer of this article. I really think our LB's looked terrible in Pittsburgh. Heath Miller made David Harris look like a 350 lb lineman on the TD play. There was about 6 plays I watched on the all-22 in which Harris just got either outran or outplayed. Did Harris add weight this off-season? He never looked that slow last season, only Bart did.

    On a positive note McEntire did look pretty good though other than the one play where he totally missed his assignment on the wheel route. I love watching his first sack where he blasted Pitts RG and then gets the sack. If you have NFL rewind, watch it... Hilarious!


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