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Thread: Back to School

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    It's all relative

    Back to School

    On AMC now. Great flick.

    "I can't believe we've been married for 5 years. Seems like yesterday. And we know what a lousy day yesterday was."

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    It's all relative
    Did you know stokes was in it?

    "this one i cant figure out. there's you, there's Georgio, and what's with the midget?"

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    Just started watching. Great flick.

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    One of the best scenes, Sam kinnison.

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    Rodney was the greatest... Caddyshack, Back to School, and Easy Money are three of my favorite movies

    Maybe I could come over sometime and you could help me straighten out my Longfellow....

    When she said I do, i should have said, with who?

    In High school,our whole defense was rough,after they sacked the quarterback, they went after his family

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    Only drawback is that there are commercials and no cursing

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    Rodney: "Let me take you to dinner tonight."

    Hot professor: "I can't, I have class later."

    Rodney: "What about tomorrow?"

    Hot professor: "Sorry, I have class."

    Rodney: "Well why don't you call me when you have no class."


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    (┌・。・)┌ lolgfy
    A true legend, loved all of his movies.

    Anyone remember this tune?

    I tell you, I'm all right now
    But last week I was in rough shape
    I don't get a break with nothing

    I played hide and seek when I was three
    (No respect, no respect)
    Why, they wouldn't even look for me
    (No respect, no respect)

    I was an ugly kid, I never had fun
    (No respect, no respect)
    They took me to a dog show and I won
    (No respect, no respect)

    When I was born, I brought no joy
    (No respect, no respect)
    My old man said he wanted a boy
    (No respect, no respect)

    I was an ugly kid, always alone
    (No respect, no respect)
    Halloween, I had to
    Trick or treat over the phone
    (No respect, no respect)

    Friends don't call
    My phone don't ring
    I don't get a break with anything
    (What's the matter, Rodney)
    Ah, death, where is thy sting

    It's just rapping Rodney
    Ain't that your type, no, no
    Rapping Rodney, get out of sight
    It's just rapping Rodney
    Make no mistake
    Poor old rapping Rodney
    Can't get a break

    I'm getting old, it's hard to face
    (No respect, no respect)
    During sex, I lose my place
    (No respect, no respect)

    Steak and sex, my favorite pair
    (No respect, no respect)
    I have em both the same way, very rare
    (No respect, no respect)

    I know I'm old, I could go any minute
    (No respect, no respect)
    I got a kidney shaped pool with a stone in it
    (No respect, no respect)

    Doctor Vinnie Boombatz
    That's another one
    (No respect, no respect)
    I said I wanted to stop aging
    He gave me a gun
    (No respect, no respect)
    [ Lyrics from: ]
    I told him I got water on the knee
    He gave me a sponge and raised his fee
    (What's the matter, Rodney)
    Ah, It ain't easy being me


    Ah, give me a break
    Play something from the forties

    Now what kind of music is this
    How bout Stardust

    Hey, what are you doing
    That's not Stardust

    Listen to this, will you
    I mean, where are the flutes

    What a band
    Hey, don't quit your day jobs

    Look at this
    The drummer carries the melody

    Hey, tell the bass player
    I like his instrument

    Hey, boys, keep it going
    Lay it on me
    I'm in the groove

    Nothing goes right, I just can't fight it
    (No respect, no respect)
    Eastern Airlines thanked me for flying United
    (No respect, no respect)

    I got some money, what did I do
    (No respect, no respect)
    I bought some quicksand
    The deal fell through
    (No respect, no respect)

    My car broke down, I called Triple A
    (No respect, no respect)
    They left the car and towed me away
    (No respect, no respect)

    I can't take it no more
    I'm getting too old
    (No respect, no respect)
    I called suicide prevention
    They put me on hold
    (No respect, no respect)

    Winter, summer, spring, and fall
    I'm always up against the wall
    (What's the matter, Rodney)
    Ah, I don't get no respect at all


    It's getting worse, it's caving in
    The happiness I can't take it no more
    It's all over

    Hey, where are my kids
    Somebody, help me
    Hey, bartender
    Hey, who's that guy with my daughter
    Where's my wallet
    How do I get out of here
    Stop that dancing

    Ha ha! Now it's going to be stuck in your head all day

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    I think I may have told this story here before but a buddy of mine was paving Rodney's driveway one morning. Rodney strolls out in his bathrobe and a drink in his hand and starts busting their balls. Did a whole ad lib routine for them. Then later, he bought them all lunch.

    My buddy said it was one of the best jobs ever.

    Rodney was the best.


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