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Thread: Shark defends Jets vs. Haters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green + White View Post
    Great Actor! Tommy Lee Jones!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzsaw View Post
    Funny Guy and we miss him!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYJ0815 View Post
    Simms has done great analysis of our games. Not a hater as we have seen from Jet fans on Jet fans or Mike Francessa. Stephen A. Smith etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreaming Daddy View Post
    You learn from the past and plan for the future but the time to live is now.

    We'll see...
    Good quote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 32green View Post

    I'm going to leave this thread here just long enough to accrue the appropriate level of abuse and derision....before I dump it.



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