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Thread: mediocre linebacking is jets problem

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    mediocre linebacking is jets problem

    watching the jets inability to stop the run.tells me that the jets linebackers are not doing the job.

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    This is why I don't get why we don't at least rotate Coples at OLB. If we are not using him vs BIG OL why not put him at OLB for those games? He could have helped vs Pitts IMO. At least on pass press downs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jets rooter View Post
    watching the jets inability to stop the run.tells me that the jets linebackers are not doing the job.
    Partly, they are old. But they don't play O.

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    The DL has been the worst since Rex got here.

    not even close. Getting blown off t=he ball.

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    Unfortunately the LBers are not the only unit on this team that is mediocre.

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    While linebackers who look like they're wearing cement shoes is definitely an issue, the Jets biggest problem is still clearly with the offense.

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    As I was just getting ready to say I agree Bart Scott holds the Dolphags on 3rd and 4 because he's to slow to cover. When will Rex realize this?

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    expensive mediocre lb's

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    Harris = major disappointment this year. Terrible. No impact.

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    if the rb is getting to the line backers in good form then it's because the dline isn't directing the play properly. the doltfins actually have a decent oline and they came out fired up. as the game wears on the jets defense will figure them out.

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    My vote is for the safeties. It was Landry last week with two personal fouls extending drives. This week Eric Smith is stepping up with two personal fouls.

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    this game is terrible


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