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    Quote Originally Posted by shakin318 View Post
    Both of the PF calls against him were blown calls. The roughing the kicker call was atrocious. The defenseless receiver call was borderline at best.
    Do you even peak through your hands as they're covering your eyes while you watch the game, or just go total face cover?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Do not even let him on the plane after the game.

    Nothing good happens when he is on the field.

    I think we have all seen enough.
    If they didn't see enough terrible-ness last year from him, nothing will get this guy cut. He's dreadful, today was just more of the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nike View Post
    eric smith was horrible today i agree cutting him might not be a bad idea. he almost cost us the game him and kyle wilson.
    Might not be a bad idea? Eric Smith singlehandedly almost lost us the game yesterday. And we were facing the a rookie QB playing with scrub receivers and TE's.

    Outside of the stupid penalties and the BRUTAL roughing the kicker at the end of the first half the Miami Dolphins picked on him the entire last drive when he was covering Fasano. A faster TE than Fasano would have easily scored a td.

    Eric Smith being on the roster is almost as bad for this football team as the Revis injury. HE IS THAT BAD.


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