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Thread: Could it feel any worse to be 2-0 in division?

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    Sanchez had a bad game but made plays. People that watched know what I mean.

    His average level of play was low, but had a number of spikes in his performance level.

    The receivers, outside of Holmes, really struggled. Kerley had a huge play in the 4th quarter. Hill was bad, he can't catch with his hands.

    Sanchez will be very glad when Dustin Keller is healthy again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rextilleon View Post
    Every team gets key injuries. The good teams manage to work around them. So yes, I can blame the Mouth for this motley group of players and their on field performance.
    While you're busy blaming Rex for things he can control, do us all a favor and root for some other team. You're the worst so-called Jets fan on this site. A REAL fan would be celebrating this win.


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