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Thread: How about the (not) great job by CBS

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    How about the (not) great job by CBS

    How many times did they get the down or yardage wrong today on the televised display?

    There was a late 3rd and 6 that they posted 3rd and 11 (off the false start on 3rd and 1 I think) which had me scratching my head.

    I can think of at least 3 and possibly as many as five errors today. Can't recall ever seeing more than 1. I also think Ian Eagle (if that's who was yapping) made a few miscalls on yardage as well.

    It's like the replacement refs are infecting everyone else involved in the broadcast. I guess it was fitting with this game.

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    If you are referring to the Jets game, Marv was doing the Play by Play...I will say this...I think he is done...might be time to hang it up for Marv....sad but true

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