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Thread: ***The Official (hopefully) Ravens kick the living crap out of the Patriots thread***

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    Definitely. The fg was good. It's just the angle. The football is already past the pole when it seems to be out of bounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whichfan View Post
    I know some of you Jets fans love to bask in Pats misery, but this is a pretty ****ty way of losing

    Know they know how it feels!

    The Pats crying about the refs is gold! Give me a bucket of those tears to drink, thankee.


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    The FG was right on the edge, calling it good or bad can be debated. As for what bellyache did, I've seen coaches pull that before. I especially remember Coughlin doing it once and I don't recall any repercussion. The only difference is this ref didn't stop. I don't expect any fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sg3 View Post
    It was a good kick.

    And good Karma for the 1-2 last place forces of Lucifer too after the way they lucked out in last years playoff matchup, along with the last 12 years of cheating and bs calls.

    And assaulting an official AFTER all 32 teams were officially warned by the NFL that doing so would result in fines or suspensions is right up.there with continued video cheating after all teams were warned in writing NOT to do so.

    A major fine OR suspension is in order for Satanchick

    Will it happen??? Probably not to the darlings.

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