Went to game today last minute. A couple observations regarding the offense.

There seems to be an excessive amount of personnel changes. I know that this happens a lot around the league but with our offense it seems to be even more so that normal. Being at the stadium you could really see that after almost every play they are subbing from base offense -> 3 or 4 wide and then the Tebow stuff. Seems to really lack continuity at times.

The Wildcat....I was indifferent about the Jets acquiring Tebow but now that he is here I've been hoping he can be productive. What's bothering me about the Wildcat so far is that they seem to be outsmarting themselves with it (ala Schotty). Shonn Greene should never be running sweeps from this formation. He is too slow. Tebow should be running more up the gut plays from it to then set up the sweeps for McKnight or Powell. Perfect example is the the 2nd and goal from the 2 yard line today. If the O-line blocks and Tebow just runs straight I have to believe we can score with a couple of run plays from there. Lastly - to loosen up the defense they need to let Tebow throw the ball. That would help keep the safety's honest. We have a guy that played NFL QB for a year who can legitimately threaten by throwing downfield.

On the positive side, Sparano is at least attacking down the field more which is drawing flags and giving us the opportunity for big plays. Sanchez needs to at least give his receivers a chance when they are that wide open. Those 2 missed bombs today were painful since the receivers had so much separation.

Living in Miami I'm happy with a win even though it was ugly. It could be worse - right Detroit, SF and New Orleans?