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Thread: TEBOW=momentum killer

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamaicanJetFan View Post
    1) Stop putting Tebow in
    2) Play Bilal Powell more
    3) Get Dustin Keller back
    4) Get Hill to catch passes

    ...voila, offensive issues fixed

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    And i thought the offense was fixed when Shotty was removed.

    Look, it's a sword maybe we can get someone else to fall on it so our Hero don't have to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nike View Post
    or trade him for a cb.
    Best idea I have heard today!!! Or a running back! Seriously we gave up draft picks for a guy who "goes out for a pass to try and fool a defense"? You gotta be kidding me

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    The Tebow package has been a complete mess thus far.

    Where is all the creativity? I'm sorry, but Tebow running a flat pattern or McKnight running in from the slot are not going to cut it.

    The entire unit looks rusty and out of sync. This is a product of zero reps during preseason, which many posters here and apparently Rex thought was a brilliant idea in the name of secrecy.

    In my opinion, its use looks completely forced. I'm not sure whether this is coming from Rex, Woody, or both.

    The league has figured out how to stop the Wildcat. There is a reason why its use and productivity have gone down consistently since 2008.

    Let's start playing 2012 style football instead of 1950 style football.


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