Never got to do a full breakdown of the All22 last week because of classes. Really wish they could release it on Monday or Tuesday. Late in the week gets a little busy. But anyway, I'll be able to do these all year.

1. Mike Pouncey is better than Maurkice. Or at least he played a much better game than his brother did last week. He won the battle with Pouha today, though Sione had his moments. Ellis got worked a number of times when matched up with Pouncey. Both of them looked a lot better when they got Incognito or whoever the RG was (Jerry?)

2. The biggest difference between Greene and Powell is that Powell will break off the run early if he doesn't see anything there, and just try to find some space. Greene gets in the hole and tries to cutback when he runs into his blockers. Powell cuts back before he ever gets to the hole. That's really the difference. Powell obviously has better hands. I didn't pay much attention to their blocking this time through.

3. We were obviously concerned about Tannehill's ability to run. We sacrificed some pass rush in this game to keep Tannehill inside the pocket. There were numerous occasions where I noticed one or more defenders not rushing the passer, but not dropping into coverage. They were just hanging out around the line, spying.

4. Back to Pouha for a minute. I love this guy. He hustles his ass off. This big fat guy chases after everything. Whenever Tannehill broke the pocket, 91 was the first lineman chasing after him, not 70, 96, 94, or 98.

5. Harris' decline. He's not the same guy. He's committing too early, probably trying to compensate for the step he's lost.

6. We've got to knock it off with the Tebow stuff. How about getting Kerley and/or Schillens onto the field more often. I could do with less of Gates as well, not that he played a ton.

7. Because it deserves to be repeated: More Kerley!

8. Sanchez Incompletion breakdown (some incompletions go into multiple categories):

12 bad throws
5 drops (should have been caught)
3 balls that would have been great catches
5 passes defensed
1 throwaway (into the ground)
1 miscommunication

6 avoided sacks (when a defender came free, not simply stepping up in the pocket)

9. Holmes drew 4 penalties for 27 yards. He had an excellent game today.

10. Sparano knows that the way to move the ball in through the air. 51 drop backs today, 32 called runs. 14 of our 17 1st downs came through the air. I really like what I've seen from Sparano so far, playcalling wise. The problems right now are execution and talent related.

11. We don't handle press coverage well, at all. And with 2 weeks of it on tape for all to see, everyone knows it now. We better find a way to deal with it, because we'll be seeing a lot more of it going forward.