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Thread: This Jets team is not close to being there

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    This Jets team is not close to being there

    So we are 2-1 and on top of the AFC East. Enjoy it while we can because this team is not as good as their win in the first week and needs help all around. Going into the season I really thought the defense was going to be the stronger of the two units but our L/B's, as one poster said, looks like they are wearing cement boots and even when they blitz they can't can't get to the QB. It's possible that eventually they could "come around" and play shut down defense but the probability of that happening is small.

    The next three games will tell a story of just how good or bad this team really is but they need to play with a hell of lot more emotion than they are playing with right now especially with Revis out potentially for the rest of the season. I am happy that they are on top of the AFC East but as a realist I know that they are not going to go far this year. We have nobody on offense that scares opposing defenses and Rex the defensive genius does not have the players he needs to make a difference. I think after the season some of the high priced defensive talent that is suddenly looking very old could be gone. I hope that our wide outs continue to get better and that Mark can stay healthy and become a stronger QB by learning.

    It's hard to build a team today because when you add pieces you also have to take into account that current players can still play hard but with 16 games a year and players getting faster and bigger that is becoming more of a challenge.

    Enjoy being on top for now but a real test is waiting to see how this team responds to some very good teams.

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    True, Been saying this since last season. Most new coaches rebuild in 3-5 seasons, Rex and Tany have done the reverse.


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