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There's one big "can't" that was missed here, and that's "RUN." The Jets defense is so agonizingly slow. On the play where Revis was injured, Daniel Thomas (not exactly a burner) shook 5 guys out of their shoes. They look like the guys at the gym who only work on their upper body.

The only people on this defense that actually have playmaking speed are Landry, Cro and Maybin. Landry's out of control half the time, Cro is not exactly a physical player, and Maybin literally morphs into dust the second a lineman puts a finger on him.

There is a simple blueprint to beat the Jets. Empty the backfield on 3rd down, since you don't need that extra blocker. Call any variety of spacing routes, regardless of how long the play takes to develop. Complete pass.

I actually have a lot more faith in the offense turning it around at this point. The defense will not finish in the top 15, and the only way the Jets continue to win games this year is if they put up points.
Yep. I have more faith in our offense playing better than the defense playing better. Our offense has upside and is inexperienced. Our defense is just bad and that's disconcerting.

I'm not sure anyone else feels this way but I think our passing offense is better than it has been. Even though Sanchez has been average to below average the last two games he is playing differently than he has in the past and it's noticeable. He's not getting down on himself and he's trying to stand in the pocket more. He's also throwing balls into areas he was not throwing to before. It's not exactly the most encouraging thing but I kinda believe that this offense can flash and look like a modern NFL offense occasionally.