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Thread: Can we all agree that our defense SUCKS??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conviction View Post
    Points Allowed

    1. NYJ
    3. Bal
    3. Bal
    6. NYJ
    3. Bal
    20. NYJ
    That consistency by Baltimore is really something to be admired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache 51 View Post
    C'mon there were only so many D's to ever be elite, Coach has to believe that and make his players think that, you know that. Yesterday they were ok, 50% 3 and outs. O was terrible 6/17 on 3rd down, there has to be a balance between all 3 phases and they have only 2 working, christ at one point the 2 had more points scored than the O. Good, yeah even without you know who, elite some time in the near future if you know who is healthy, it's possible,yes.

    They have two working? Which two?

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    A couple of were aware of this last season. The defense is average at best. When you need a stop, you seldom get it, and their is absolutely no rush on the QB. Now that Revis is gone, and the pass rush is the same, look for teams to put up big numbers against us. The only reason the Giants made it past the multiple injuries to their secondary, is that they put so much pressure on the QB that it offsets their deficiencies back there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rextilleon View Post
    They have two working? Which two?
    ST's scored 3's every time O couldn't put up 6's. D scored 6 and held them to 10 deep into the 3rd Q.


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