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Thread: Grading the Jets: Week 3

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    Grading the Jets: Week 3

    Hey guys, I've been writing a blog about the Jets and the NFL that I would like to hear your thoughts on.


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    Here is the Jets portion if you don't want to click the link

    Folk Hero

    I am relieved that the Jets escaped Miami with a win, but they may have lost the most important player on their team. Rumors are that Darelle Revis may have torn his ACL, and is feared to be lost for the season. In a game that saw mistakes on both sides of the ball, the most crucial one was by new Dolphins coach Pat Philbin. After Dan Carpenter missed a 48-yard field goal to win the game, Nick Folk was set to kick a 33 yarder to give the Jets the win. Miami blocked the kick and regained possession...... wait a second..... Philbin called a timeout to try and "ice" Folk, so that field goal try was negated. When it counted Folk made the kick to send the Jets to 2-1 before a meeting with the 49ers. It is better to win ugly than lose pretty, and the Jets got lucky on Sunday.



    While I'm not here to be a Mark Sanchez apologist, he had a bad game, but you can't place all the offensive woes on the quarterback. Mark was 21/45 for 306 yards a touchdown and two interceptions, but he really never looked comfortable from the start of the game. The Dolphins were getting constant pressure throughout the game, sacking him once, but hitting him 7 times. Sanchez's numbers weren't helped by the fact that our receivers dropped a handful of balls. Also, Mark's safety blanket Dustin Keller hasn't played due to a hamstring injury.

    Watching the game there were more than a few times where our receivers are bunched up together. I'm not sure if that is bad playcalling or a receiver not knowing which route to run. Sanchez's first interception was caused by a bad route run by Clyde Gates. His second pick in the end zone is just one of those hair-pulling throws he makes on a too regular basis. Add in the fact that Miami dropped an easy interception when he threw the ball while getting sacked late in the fourth quarter.

    I have to give credit when it's due, and Santonio Holmes had probably one of his best games as a Jet. Holmes caught 9 passes for 147 yards (and also drew two pass interference calls), including a 38 yard completion in overtime that set up the game-winning field goal. Jeremy Kerley had his third score of the season, catching two balls for 73 yards. Meanwhile rookie Stephen Hill was kept off of the stat sheet for the second straight game, dropping a couple passes before getting injured in the second half. The rushing game was non-existent again.We had 33 carries for 88 yards.

    You have my word that this is the last time I will talk about Tim Tebow, until his role in the offense changes significantly. He has been overhyped by the Jets front office, and they aren't using his unique skill set to help the team. Yes, he did run a fake punt, and on a Mark Sanchez pass a ball hit him in the head (sabotage?), but it's just perplexing why we refuse to use him more. The Daily News' Bob Raissman brought up a good point that the Jets traded for Tim Tebow just to distract the media and fans from the fact that this just isn't a very good football team.



    The big story of the game on the defensive side of the ball is Darelle Revis' injury, which is the one thing the Jets couldn't have had happen. Rex's big bad defense just hasn't looked dominant this season. It drives me crazy to see mediocre running backs rumble through us for five yards a carry (The Jets have the 28th ranked run defense in the NFL). That shows a lack of intensity in our front seven. Our pass rush wasn't getting to Ryan Tannehill, and he had time to pick us apart. The Dolphins were 10-17 on third down conversions keeping our defense on the field. LaRon Landry made a game changing pick six to start the second half, and our defense forced a fumble on the Dolphins second drive of the third quarter. David Harris and Mo Wilkerson led the team with 9 tackles.

    The defense has trouble closing games, and it is starting to become a worrying trend. After our offense took the lead with 3:01 left in the game the Dolphins marched down the field with a 12 play 48 yard drive that led to the game-tying field goal. They followed that up with an 8 play 60 yard drive, and if it wasn't for Dan Carpenter's missed field goal in overtime I'd be writing a totally different post this morning.

    Special Teams


    Once again, Mike Westhoff's unit was the lone bright spot on the team (except for a questionable call on Eric Smith when he ran into the punter costing the Jets potential points before halftime). Robert Mallone is looking really good, coffin cornering several punts. Nick Folk was a perfect 3/3 and on a day when the Dolphins kicker Dan Carpenter struggled.


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