We weren't the best defense in the league nor were we anywhere near it after 3 games. The front 4 hasn't found a way to rush the passer effectively and our LB's haven't been able to make key tackles when they have players in their midst. Revis loss hurts but it also helps. Baby sitting Wilson will no longer be an option and going into his 3rd season this will be a major test to see if he can live up to the standards that a 1st round selection indicates. If he doesn't and the Jets fail miserably then I think he will be a goner next season. There are plenty of #3 CB's in FA that can make plays for far cheaper than a 1st round selection.

Secondly, this actually helps in the upcoming Revis negotiations. Revis can't command the 11-13 million he wants to now and the Jets have leverage going into next season knowing they have him signed for the next 2 years. I'm sure he will come back strong next season, but won't have the leverage he wants.

This also places Ryan/Pettine in a situation where they have to scheme around the players we have instead of thinking Revis can cover anybody and we will be ok, they have to start thinking Wilson/Cro need help = they need to rush the passer much better than they have through 3 games. Cro really has to step up now, lets see if he can be the #1 he was in his pro-bowl season. I personally don't think he can as in my opinion he lacks discipline and technique.

That said, this isn't the end of the world. It does suck though.