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There is not one stat that backs this up, in fact all stats, and I mean every single stat, point to the opposite of your thinking.

Brady has dropped back and passed more than every other QB in the league except Brees, over the last 4 years. He has one of the lowest percentages of roughing the passer calls. The pats with all their passes has one of the lowest percentages of PI and defensive holding calls for them, It takes an act of god to get a call against a defensive player who is covering Gronk, I think due to his size the refs just do not call all the pulling and and grabbing defensive players do to him.

Pats have also recently have been called for a ton of PIs and defensive holding, at the rates much higher than league average.

The Pats have never statistically been the lowest penalized team, in fact most years the Jets have been called for less penalties on average per year.

So nothing you say, except for the fact that you, hate the Pats, has any factual evidence, in fact every single fact, points to the opposite of your point.

Now the last two games, the refs have just had too much input on the outcome of the game. I can go play by play and show how refs just screwed up the games over and over, and when you lose by a combined 3 points in two games, you realize that as much as the old refs were horrible and screwed up calls, these guys make them look like the greatest refs ever.

I hate the old refs, and think officiating needs to be improved, but they are clearly the lesser of two evils.
Almost everything you just wrote is patently false, and I noticed you included no links or any sort of factual evidence. links, or other evidence to support it. But "PETERPAT" typed it, so it must be true. Yeah, OK.

Pats get a disprportionate percentage of calls their way. Have for years.

This season, through three weeks, they have not.

And your coach nearly blows a gasket and assaults an official on the field of play.

Stay classy New England.