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Thread: If losing Revis ends the Jets season ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BroadwayRay View Post
    Then they didn't have a chance to begin with. The good teams survive big injuries like this because they have good coaching and they have depth. Did the Patriots fall over and die when they lost Brady a few years ago? Even though they just missed the playoffs, they finished something like 11-5.

    Coaching and depth ... Well, the Jets definitely don't have depth thanks to all the draft picks this team has lost due to Mr. T trading up the draft board like a drunken GM the past several years. Whether they have good coaching remains to be seen--I certainly have my doubts based on the way they have played the past two games.
    Agreed in this case. All of us, talked about how deep the Jets defense was during the preseason. Granted, it's impossible to replace Revis and what he does for this defense. But still other top notch defenses do not have a Revis type and they still play great defense. It's time for the Jets to play like all the other teams do. Great defenses find a way.

    If the Jets offense had lost such am important player, like say Nick Mangold (god forbid), I would say the offense is done. They just do not have the depth. The defense is clearly different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srobjets View Post
    We don't have good coaching. That's that.
    This is all about the GM. REX is in over his head but sad as it better than 1/2 the coaches in this league. He CAN improve.

    WE NEED a football mind at GM.

    Mangini or someone like him could make a good GM or someone Tanny should work with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe W. Namath View Post
    The Jets defense is going to be better without revis. Yeah. i said it.
    Sure. We made Big Ben look foolish without that pesky Revis on the field. Oh wait...


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