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If by "old BIKE helmet" (seriously, when was the last time you saw BIKE anything on an NFL uni, much less helmet) you mean the classic Riddell and Schutts we grew up with and I would never trade anything for if I were granted another day on the field, such as this one on David Carr in his Texans days,

well here's a recent pic of Schaub and the pot on his head sure don't look like an "old BIKE helmet" to me

...but hey, why let facts get in the way
I wasn't saying Schaub was wearing BIKE helmet, just that it obviously wasn't fitted properly or else it wouldn't have flown off when he got hit taking part of his ear with it.

I mentioned BIKE because last year nearly 40% of players wore the Riddell VSR-4 helmet which was worse than the old BIKE helmets. My point wasn't the model as much as that they are using inferior equipment instead of the newer models which greatly reduce concussions.