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Thread: [B]Not Bell-Cow but cow bell[/B]

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    [B]Not Bell-Cow but cow bell[/B]

    Not Bell-Cow but cow bell

    I’m sure that Rex believed it when he said it this off season that Greene is the Bell cow. I’m also sure that he believed in the value of a ball-control, power football offense labelled Ground and Pound.
    Other than wonderful clichés this team has not received much from Rex or the FO LATELY.

    Those who followed could see from last season that Greene is a limited one-dimensional back that had no chance of replacing LT (already of declining ability) Rex anoints Greene as the Bell-Cow and nothing is done to improve the running game.
    Powell is no Foster nor a Peterson, but provides superior vision, burst, blocking and receiving skills than Greene. How can the coaching staff, head coach, front office and related advisors not pick this up???

    Is it arrogance???
    Is it the inability to evaluate / develop talent???
    Is it a problem of preparation or scheme????
    Is he smelling his own farts and believing its perfume ????
    Whatever it is it needs to addressed quickly!!!!!

    Since the lack of a running game is not the most pressing issue (we have so many)........I don’t hear the Bell-Cow leading the charge … I hear the cow bells ringing….. time to circle the wagons!!!!!

    I dont think we've reached bottom yet

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    Watching the Ravens and Patriots last night reminded me what a real RB is supposed to look like. Powell may be better than Greene but everything is relative. Compared to what I saw last night, they are like high schoolers. And it's not just the RB position that compares that way unfortunately.


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