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Thread: Jets will man up and play toe to toe against 49ers

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    Alex Smith is playing some great football. Not by lighting up the scoreboard, but just playing smart (1 INT since last November!). The Niners' WRs aren't too scary -- I don't even know who Revis would shadow in this game. But that won't matter because the SF sees a Jets team that doesn't look as tough this season. Even without Revis, the Niners aren't a team to change their MO.

    They run for 141 per game and 5.4 per carry. Expect a lot of Gore. And Vernon Davis. The reason the Jets got Landry and Bell was to toughen up the middle of the field, where the TEs killed us last season. Big test for the safeties this weekend and middle of the defense this week.

    This one is a gonna be a low scoring slobberknocker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetStream View Post
    One other note on the 9ers, I had read somewhere that they were practicing the week in OH, to avoid the trip...
    Yep, smart move for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetStream View Post
    One other note on the 9ers, I had read somewhere that they were practicing the week in OH, to avoid the trip...

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    Vernon Davis worries me the most.

    Manningham and Crabtree will also likely take over the game with a ton of catches. I expect Cro to take away Moss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatsFanTX View Post
    I also agree with that Toronto.

    But look at the 1st year for both.
    I dunno Tex, I think you drank some green kool-aid. lol. That team was a shambles when rex took over, coming off possibly the worst collapse in Jets history - and there have been many collapses, the brett favre year has to be the worst - they were 8-3 and finished 9-7... It all started on that end-around vs denver, lol, our collapses usually start on trick plays (half back pass leon johnson...)

    Yes the 49ers had a worse record in the year before JH took over than the 08 jets, but I think the record made the 49ers look worse than they were- its still a talented team, gore, davis, smith, willis etc... Rex had some talent too, but also had a total rookie QB too who had only few college starts as well...

    The bills and dolphins weren't great, but the entire AFC west was really really bad - there is no new england in the afc west - thats worth at least 1 game...

    I see how the tear 1 comparison could be a wash, but i also see the points that harbaugh was more impressive - but with that logic you could argue about sparano when he took over MIA and got them a division title after 1-15.

    I still think JH needs a few seasons as a HC before we can start comparing him to anybody.

    1 thing about the coach of the year thing though - Rex will never win that, the media loves to quote him, but people LOVE to hate him, he's not a "win the popularity contest" type. I'm not saying JH is, but rex is the polar opposite of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LockeJET View Post
    Vernon Davis worries me the most.

    Manningham and Crabtree will also likely take over the game with a ton of catches. I expect Cro to take away Moss.
    Same here. VD has been incredible since November of last year. Probably the third best TE after Gronk/Graham.

    I hate pouring salt in the wounds, but if we still had Revis, Crabtree would have been a complete non-factor. Crabtree is pretty overrated IMHO. Sure, he's got great hands, but he cannot threaten deep whatsoever and isn't fast nor extremely big. Low upside guy. He benefits because Smith has no capability of throwing the ball 20+ yards down the field...Crabtree is a productive dink and dunk receiver.

    One thing people haven't been talking about is that while Smith does not turn it over, he does take a lot of sacks. I expect and hope we blitz a lot, even with our depleted secondary. He bails on the pocket, and while he can run, he absolutely cannot throw on the run. As bad as our pass rush has been, I expect 2-3 sacks on Sunday...just gotta get lucky and hope we can jar the ball loose. We are severely outmatched, but you never know what can happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadFan View Post
    The OP is right. I have had a feeling the Jets would blow out the 49ers since before the season. The 49ers are the most difficult type of team to blow out. Running game, minimal turnovers, and defense. The Jets are Jekyll and Hyde team that thrives when people doubt them. They stunk in Miami. Everyone will say the Jets are a lost cause without Revis. They are probably right. However, on Sunday, the 49ers are going to get the angry Jet team that Buffalo saw on opening day. Book it.
    Jets fans who watch this team for 30-45 years and still dont get it prove they aren't paying attention and the NFL like f***king with our heads. Over three decades of being a Jets fan has taught me these general truths. Consider that I do not gamble, but I do watch the spreads and get disgusted on his this almost always happens:

    - When we are underdogs, ESPECIALLY home underdogs against good-to-great teams with everyone betting against us, we tend to do well. We either outright win, or barely lose a heartbreaker (and win the spread).

    - When we are favorites, especially road favorites with everyone betting for us, count on our tendency of either losing or barely winning but losing the spread.

    - Count on a home game where everyone knows it's gonna' be close but think we'll win because we need to win it to be a heartbreaking loss (see most of the 1990s, early 2000's and the '08 v. Miami). Unless the crowd goes bonkers, then we crush (see late-season games at home v. Green Bay, v. Cincinatti '09, wild-card v. Jags in '98, and Indy).

    - Our home crowd will always be quiet and boo at the slightest sign of average or poor play from the Jets (which helps us be a mediocre home team most years), but every once in a while will go crazy and help fuel huge home wins (see above mentioned home games vs. Cincy, Jags, Colts, etc.)

    There's more, but those always seem to stand out to me.

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    Lets face facts here. Other then the anomaly vs Pittsburgh a few years back the Jets haven't beaten a dominant defensive team in the Sanchez era. The Ravens literally own us. San Francisco and Houston have two of the top defenses in the league. I'm an optimist and yet I have 0 confidence that we will win one of these two games. At this point with Revis out I'm even worried about the Colts game coming up.


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