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Thread: Add Another 4th Quarter Comeback For Sanchez

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    Quote Originally Posted by southparkcpa View Post
    Yeah no offensive TD's for basically 3.5 quarters and then you get to brag for 1 TD?

    That ladies and gents in NY JETS football. Enjoy a green cold glass of kool aid on the house.
    Well, heck. Eli had 3 interceptions and the Jints were losing two weeks ago at one point. Who's to say his comeback is more impressive? I see 500+ passing yards and 25 points in the 4th quarter almost every other week in the NFL these days.

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    The D played like crap last week. Horrible on 3rd down and against the run. The pick 6 was the only redeeming moment in an otherwise horrible game. Sanchez had a mediocre "Sanchez like" game but there were some positives. The play where Hill pulled up lame looked like a perfect throw that was going for a TD. There was also a drop by Schillens that should have gone for a long score. Drops by Holmes didn't help early either. The INT on the first drive was more on the reciever then Sanchez as well. With all of that Sanchez also had three or four inaccurate throws that could have gone for big plays. I like the way he has been stepping in to the throws this season. The pocket awareness just looks much better to the naked eye.

    Unbiassed assesment: Looking at the Miami game I think that Sparano's offense has potential. The receivers are getting open and they are taking shots down the field. The lack of an NFL caliber RB is killing this offense however. Sanchez completion % is hurting because Greene can't run a pattern and can't catch a pass. Hill's inability to catch a pass hasn't helped. That said I don't see the O taking a step forward against the 49'ers D. They are one of if not the best D in the league and Sanchez has never thrived against quality defensive teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetstream23 View Post

    teh pfail is dark, and full of morans

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    Add another horrible first half to Sanchez's record.

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    This is the REAL Sanchez. Horrible, just a complete mess

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