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Thread: Revis Could be a blessing in disguise

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    Revis Could be a blessing in disguise

    Yes Revis is a great player.

    But to be honest, I think the Jets have relied way too much on Revis from a scheme standpoint, and it has caused our defense to be VERY predictable and manageable for other teams.

    Especially on third down.

    With Revis gone. it we just try to stick Wilson in and play the same defense we will lose a lot. Our defense is very middle of the pack even with Revis, and if we try the same scheme now we will get roasted.

    We have been middle of the pack because Rex has gotten complacent and unimaginative. If Rex really is the best defensive coordinator in the NFL like he says he is, he needs to prove it.

    Our defensive scheme needs to completely overhauled. Rex needs to find creative ways of getting mismatches and pressure, but not with constant blitzing because we simply do not have the personnel to cover the middle and under routes when we blitz.

    Rex needs to step up. I think he can, he has shown it before. I think Revis being out will force Rex to truly take back the defense (not just call plays) and figure out how to get all the talent we have drafted for his defense that has crippled our offense to play like an elite defense.

    If he can do that, then Revis being out could be a blessing in disguise and a springboard to better things, because I truly believe that we can play BETTER defense without Revis, because we schemed around him so much that we became predictable and lacked fire.

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    I agree with the fact that Rex is going to be on top of his game now. He has to be.

    As for Revis, look at the Jets remaining schedule. I see only 2 teams with legit #1 receivers -- Arizona (Fitz) and Houston (A. Johnson). Maybe the Titans (if Kenny Britt can round into form, but I doubt it). Yes, still have NE twice and they have Welker and Lloyd, but Brady has always killed us (recently, at least) with TEs. Either way, Brady is going to get his yards vs. the Jets if Revis was on the field or not.

    Reggie Wayne? Golden Tate? Justin Blackmon? Malcolm Floyd? Not really seeing much Cro can't handle. Let Schotty and the Rams try to let Danny Amendola win the game for them. Rex and Pettine need to get exotic and the CBs need to step up.


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