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Thread: UN-BELIEVE-ABLE!!!! JI-Yahoo Suicide Pool

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    Exclamation UN-BELIEVE-ABLE!!!! JI-Yahoo Suicide Pool

    You all may not believe this, but the JI-Yahoo SUICIDE POOL is OVER!!!

    By week #3, we have a winner.

    Usually we last 8-9 weeks at least, not this year!

    Congrats to GangGreen4Life...everyone else in The Pool has drowned!

    I'm gonna start a new suicide pool if you guys want one?

    Group #36751 in the Suicide Pools (not the Fantasy League)
    pw =jiyahoo12
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    Man, some crappy predictions huh? Glad they aren't running the team!

    Ill take a crack at it if you start another.

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    Wow you guys suck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzsaw View Post
    Wow you guys suck
    LOL...this is REALLY embarrassing...Yo Buzzard!...Sign-up & lets see how YOU do...


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