I came to this country as a 9 year old immigrant with my parents, I had no idea what football was but I saw football on TV and and I loved it. It was preseason Giants and JETS and I loved the game but Idont know why Ive loved the JETS SINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive beeen rooting for the jets now for 13 years and i WILL BE TILL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!! NO MATTTER WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Anywho over the last few years ive been on this website and I read the threads and Ive gotta say its amazing what goes on in there lol I know you guys are down on the season cause of REVIS but I gotta solution it is going to sound kind of crazy but Its because my love for the JETS is craaaaaaaaaaaaazy! I kind of have a friend who owes me a favor and I say the favor to the cup and I told the cup make Mark Sanchez a top QB and I know you guys think im crazy but the cup works everytime when the moment is right and I felt today was the moment. I told the cup to take Care of Mark Sanchez ! He will be a top QB from this second I post it! Feeeeeel bettter guys cause he will get waaaaaaay better now TRUST ME if you believe in anything or want to believe in anything trust me It works J E T S JETS JETS JETS