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Thread: Joe McKnight not happy about move to CB

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    what difference does it make? Do we know what time the Jets have team meetings on Monday mornings? This is a business, a job, we have to rally ourselves at work, why should a pro football player be any different?

    Besides, Rex just made him a more valuable player, he is now a offensive, defensive, punt blocking, kick return ace. Man up McNight, your coach thinks a lot of you.
    This is a very true statement. It also shows that Joe has no brains and very little heart and that keeping him over Woodhead was a mistake. Everyone was always talking about Joe's "higher ceiling " versus Woodhead's, but when you have no brains and are a mental midget, as Joe has proven, the promise of future production is nothing more than hope.
    Hope is lost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scoop24 View Post
    “@5NLive: Pretty incredible that in 1st practice at CB Joe Mcknight picked off all 3 Jet QBs (Sanchez, Tebow and McElroy).” McKnight Island
    But he was also beaten like a drum when he took his eyes off the receiver and focused on the QB. He has a long way to go as a CB and I doubt we will ever see him be a starter at the position. I expect he will be cut this off-season. Probably NE will sign him ( speculating) as a replacement for Woodhead!
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    why do we draft morons

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColonelForbin View Post
    why do we draft morons
    JI has a draft?

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