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Thread: So what if ......

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    So what if ......

    There's a decent amount of doom and gloom around here with the injury to Revis with a lot of posters expecting we can kiss the post season goodbye. For what it's worth I still think we can get to 10-6.

    There are also a significant number of guys on here who go to bed wishing for a season ending injury to the star player from our most hated rivals. So what if Tom Brady gets broken up in the first quarter against the Bills on Sunday ... Does that change our playoff chances ? Does that in any way resurrect our season ?

    The obvious answer is yes of course it does but history suggests that they just plug in the next Matt Cassel for the year and the ship is steady again. Or does the 2 game losing streak make this the most vulnerable time in the Brady era for the good ship New England.... It would be kinda nice to find out

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    doom and gloom around here?


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