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Thread: New Story: QUINTON COPLES: Budding Rookie Ready to Blossom

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    Post New Story: QUINTON COPLES: Budding Rookie Ready to Blossom

    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Quinton Coples is a weed. And that's no knock on the sixteenth overall draft pick either. Weeds, like the dandelion, sprout fast -- setting up roots and, if not uprooted, continues to rapidly grow in strength and size.

    Much like weeds, Coples was not welcomed to many Jets fans' gardens -- instead desiring a prettier pass-rushing plant (Melvin Ingram, Bruce Irvin, Chandler Jones). While some saw a weed drafted at the midway point of the first round, Rex Ryan saw a budding beauty -- one that, he says, is finally ready to blossom.

    And not a moment...


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    We will see. I really hope Rex is 100% correct with this guy.

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    This is simply a good match game for Quinton. He's a rookie and Rex is alot better coach than some give him credit for. I wouldn't put my rooks in against dirty teams like Miami & Pittsburgh either. They don't know how to respond to nutsack grabbing, mask poking, ankle pulling and other nasty body contact hits by an opposing player. SanFran is a good team because they play a fair game, if the Jets respond in kind they have a very good shot at winning. It's also a home game & the real refs are back.

    I predict that once the D finds the weak spot, 2 unassisted sacks & 4 half sacks for Coples on Sunday. (-;

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    Yep, Rex says we will see more Coples. I honestly dont believe anything Rex says until I see it. He talks so much sh*t, that you have to take everything with a grain of salt.

    "Tebow will get 10-20 snaps a game."

    "Eric Smith is a good player."

    "Wayne Hunter is our starting RT."

    "Shonn Greene is our RB."

    Blah, blah, blah.

    I don't even watch his presses anymore because he is such an a$$ talker.


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