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Thread: Anyone Watching the Ravens Game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradis View Post
    It's debatable. I saw two dropped TDs from Browns WRs on great throws. I saw Weeden stand tall in the pocket and make plenty of NFL caliber throws down the field to guys that have no business being starters at this level.

    And c'mon. The pick 6? how many times have we ALL seen that same play from Mark.
    the bad teams in the nfl either have bad qbs or decent qbs but bad skill position players who can't get the offense going. otherwise these teams would be good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlito1171 View Post
    I havent had the most faith in Sanchez after the last 2 weeks, but Weeden > Sanchez is laughable. Can the guy win a playoff game first?
    A playoff game?

    How about can Weeden win a regular season game first?

    The Browns are 0-4 with Weeden at the helm.

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    People, Sanchez is not lighting the world on fire so far this season, but he's way better than Weeden. Stop this nonsense...

    Flacco I'm not going to argue, he is playing at a higher level than Mark ever has and is actually on pace to throw for 5,000 yards through 4 games. I'm not sure Sanchez could run the no-huddle attack the Ravens are using this season as well as Flacco has. The guy has shown a lot of improvement throwing the ball.


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