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Thread: running game

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    running game

    I don't know what to think, just cant really see how greene fell off completely give the guy credit he helped win a lot of games. Are you guys sure its not he oline. Maybe they can only pass block

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    Maybe, it's not all him but, games you hear televised, have you ever heard the announcer say," Wow what a run, that was all SG, what an effort."?

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    He has NEVER played like a true no. 1 back.

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    The running game sucked last year too, and it was just average the year before. Go back to 2010 and eliminate Brad Smith's wildcat runs. We were at 4.2 yards per carry with long runs of 31 and 23 yards if you just look at the running backs. That's the kind of grinding running game that's best suited to complement a good passing attack, not to carry an offense.

    We haven't had a great running game since 2009.

    The fundamental problem with our offense:

    The passing game is designed to complement a strong running game. The running game is best suited to complement a strong passing attack.

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    Guys relax. The rush offense looks pretty good. It will only get better. We've faced some tough defenses and they get paid too. Most importantly we are running enough to keep defenses honest. I dig Sparano, I love the way he baits the defense and takes shots downfield. We had opportunities in Pitt. The running game wasnt the problem

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    What running game?


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