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Thread: Roster Celebrity bling

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    Roster Celebrity bling

    What does it say that a single injury to a key player and we are moving an offensive player to defense to help plug the hole and scoping free agency scrap heap for replacements?

    I understand it's Revis. And he's a generational player at his position.

    But so is Brady. NE loses a player and someone else steps in without the team missing a beat. Can anyone imagine this gargabe happening in Pittsburgh?

    The problem is, organizationally and in fandom, we're obsessessed with star power and bling. Draft: Trade up, get the high pick. FA: Trade picks, get the star. Cap: Pay the big money to acquire said names and stars and let the 2nd/3rd string pieces fall where they may. Coaching: Develop talent? (Like Lowery) Of course not. Get rid of him because we've already got bling at secondary. What did we get for Lowery, btw?

    The thing that irks me about thiis win-now arrogance is that it takes the fun out of following a team over time, seeing if players who step in can step up. Now we're playing NFL go-fish.

    Ok. I had to get that off my chest. Go jets. Haters hate.
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    Thats all that came to mind when you said haters hate. Dave Chappelle really needs to bring his show back.

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    New England was a different team in way they go 11-5 without Brady this year

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    Without Brady last year and this theyd be lucky to go 2-14

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