I have been traveling, and haven't been able to sit in front of my laptop to write, but I have to get this in.

1. I was wrong. All you Sanchez haters can rejoice. Sanchez is not the QB. The mistakes, decisions and throws he's attempted are inexcusable. I can't even watch, and this is my day off to have a little R&R. For real?

2. Defense is not good. WITH Revis the defense is not elite.

3. Linebackers ARE slow.

4. Holmes needs to go. I understand the injury is painful, but you can't flick the ball up in the air. His selfishness is old. I'm on board with cutting him.

5. Re-sign Revis (pending successful rehabilitation). He's that much of a difference maker on the defense. Kyle Wilson has been beat all day, Alex Smith just can't hit him. Brady burns Wilson for 5 TDs if he has a good day.


7. Coaching. I don't want to say Rex is the worst, but where's the preparation in the last 3 weeks? The team showed it can play well, and the Jets seemed content with that. Tackling? Blocking? Execution? On both sides of the ball.

I love the Jets, I like Rex, I want to win. This season is becoming preseason quickly (assessment of the backup players).

I'm extremely disappointed. From the players up to the owner. The following players should not return next season pending viable replacements:


The tackling is killing me. I want to be supportive, but right now, the Jets are a very poor team. They've gotten worse every week.

Please try and lift everyone's spirits by keeping positive, but we're entering dark times with this team. It starts at the QB position, and move on from there.

I hope I'm wrong and they win the next 12 games, but chances of that are not good based on present performance. 6-10 looks like a stretch from the way they're playing.

Turn it around, Rex. This is unacceptable.

I hope everyone is well.