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Thread: No Practice Monday or Tuesday

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    Rex doing this says a lot about what type of coach he really is. He is not even keel at all and doesn't have any answers...which is why he gave everyone 2 days off. This is the crap Kotite used to do back in the day.

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    Just reading the name kotite gives me cold chills......

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    Herm had "Victory Mondays"

    Rex has "Got our asses kicked Mondays and Tuesdays."

    Nothing to see here... lmao wtf!

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    I saw his presser after the game and when he said this I thought jeez. Why not have the players work on some things.
    Maybe the D could work on tackling and O could try completing passes.

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    Hope Woody fires Rex and hires Bill Cowher!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB1089 View Post
    What are you going to do at this point?

    Who's out there now? A bunch of guys that no one wanted.

    I think everyone can now admit, including myself, that we have serious issues at QB. We have NO running game. Our best, healthy receiver is Jeremy Kerley. Our defense is allowing almost 6 yards per carry.

    What can be done to fix these issues now?

    Changes could be internal, from changes to the starting rotation / depth chart, to having a come to Jesus meeting with Coaching staff to come up with new/different ideas.

    In short, what we have been doing obviously isn't working. Continuing to do it and having the players come in on Monday/Tuesday is kind of pointless from that perspective.

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    What a ****ing embarrassment. This whole organization.

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    Real leaders see misfortune as an opportunity to lead.

    This is no different than getting rid of team captains instead of confronting Santonio Holmes last year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patman View Post
    First of all you can only practice with contact one day per week.

    The next game is a Monday so the extra day is not unusual.

    Maybe Wednesday they have the game behind them and they can concentrate on Monday.
    Sad day when the pats fan is the voice of reason

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    I disagree with most here. You've got to do something different to shake things up. With the Monday night game the extra day it's no problem.

    The team needs to re-focus after this debacle. A brief time away should help that. Maybe they come back re-energized ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rextilleon View Post
    Here is the Genuis Ryans theory----------If we practice monday and tuesday we will only reinforce the horrible habits we have already. We need to forget how terrible we are.
    I think this is right. What we've been doing so far is not working so...don't do it. After next Monday, they'll take the week off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MCBNY View Post
    What a ****ing embarrassment. This whole organization.
    easy slugger you will get attacked by others.

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    Why practice? It's over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Led Halen View Post
    Sad day when the pats fan is the voice of reason
    Well said !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by touchdownjets View Post
    It's atleast 2 years now, that as I watch the game it feels like I'm watching 25 individual players, playing this game with no team chemistry or feeling that these guys are a family!!! I understand there are some changes from last year or 2 years ago, but there is no one leading this team or trying to bring the team together. I watch lots of other teams and when someone makes a good play, lots of players run over and jump in the air congratulating the player. You can feel the "we are all in it together feeling''. Jets do not have this at all. Until they do we can have the most talent in the league, but we won't go anywhere!!!
    Can you imagine if they weren't in Cortland this year?!?

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    rex will do anything to deflect away from his coaching, motivational skills or the lack of talent of the team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nike View Post
    Hope Woody fires Rex and hires Bill Cowher!
    Woody will never fire Rex. Woody is in love with Rex. Rex "acts" like the cool, tough guy that Woody always wanted to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FF2 View Post
    Sounds like a great time to catch up on the all-important sleep.
    For 4 quarters today the Jets practiced what that sleep therapist taught them!

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    I think they are hoping some of the guys wont come back.


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