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Thread: Message/Thread for the "critics"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jetworks View Post
    If you start benching players you are admitting you are throwing in the towel. Personally, I don't think Woody will allow for that. Hell, they are already down to 3rd and 4th string at some positions already. How much deeper do they go?
    Not that I ever supported Herm Edwards, but he did do some good things while he was here.

    As you may recall, back in 2002 the Jets were getting slaughtered in every single they played. They were like 1-4 to start the season. Herm knew he had to do something. So he did what many though was unthinkable, he benched Vinnie Testaverde in favor of Chad Pennington. It gave the team a shot of adrenaline and suddenly the whole was much better.

    Not saying it would work out in an identical fashion, but sometimes you should mix things up to see what chemistry develops? I would start with the QB because there is no way anyone can defend him at this point. His play is simply subpar.

    Shon Greene being benched was long overdue also. I like what Bilal Powll has done this season. I say we stick with him.

    John Conner is one of the worst players on the roster. He is a really bad player these days. Maybe benching him in favor of say Tim Tebow would give him the proper motivation for him to maybe focus on his job a little more?

    And on defense...

    There's no denying some players just aren't cutting it. Kyle Wilson played so poorly today it's a wonder he didn't give up 3 touchdowns all alone. The end score should have been 55-0.

    Bench some of these players like Bart Scott. Bring in some youth and give them a shot. Sometimes the end result equals more than the sum of the parts.

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    Im no football coach but I have eyes. We allowed 250 yards rushing today and have done similarly poorly every game this season primarily because the four slow as molasses granddads playing LB ....Thomas..Scott.. Harris and Pace dont contain the edge dont tackle and cant catch a cold...

    IMO it is TIME to find a way to get Davis Mayhem McIntyre at least onto the field instead of at least three of those non moving tree stumps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    There is no victory in "I told you so". As fans we are all losers in this.

    Have a little discretion. Everyone knows what the problems are, even if some of us don't want to admit it. We all have eyes.

    Please, don't rub it in. There is no need for chest pounding threads. Only makes things worse.

    The window has closed. For some of us it was closed last year. But now it is painfully obvious to everyone.

    Lets shift the focus from "I told you so" to how to make this team better.
    Nothing sums up this site better than having the guy who started a thread entitled "Holmes haters, EAT!!!!" make a plea for civility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdJETSetter View Post
    How about not drafting a QB, but instead, trading multiple draft picks (1's 2's, 3's) to get a bonafide franchise QB.

    I dont even care the cost.

    Id rather trade the franchise for a good QB, and complain the next 10 years about how bad the defense sucks, rather than this.

    Anything but this.
    what teams are trading away bonafide franchise QB's? nobody.


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