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Thread: Ssshh ! The sky is not falling and the world is not coming to an end

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    Ssshh ! The sky is not falling and the world is not coming to an end

    Reading the posts on the board today I understand that a lot of fans are emotional. However as Michael Corelone said "never get emotional about business, it clouds your judgement".

    From a business standpoint it's pretty obvious that Tebow was brought in to get headlines and fill seats. The reason COULD have been that they realized that this team, on paper, is not as good as it needs to be win the division.

    There are two strategies that the Jets could have followed: the first is a strict rebuilding mode but the problem with this is Jet fans have waited too damn long for a winner. The second is to try and build a franchise that can win now while also rebuilding to keep selling seats. This I believe is a mistake.

    I was a Sanchez supporter but the fact that he keeps making the same mistakes again and again (i.e. not protecting the ball when running and making bad judgement throws) tells me that he is not getting better and may not be an NFL caliber QB that can carry a team. Sparano is a toss away from another team and was a bad choice for OC.

    So where is the good news ? Well a lot of younger players are going to get more playing time and experience and the needs of this team are going to hit management like a rock upside the head.

    More than anything this team needs leadership and a personality. The Ravens for example are known as a hard hitting physical defense the Jets on the other hand are known as ?

    This team is NOT a playoff team that is for sure and the next 5-6 games are going to show us if Rex can handle the adversity of losing key players and looking around and asking if they can win at all. It will tell us a lot about whether Rex is the Coach to lead this team or whether they need someone who can spend a lot of time and effort to give this team some hard leadership lessons.

    Hang in there but be realistic about this team as you observe what other teams are doing. I for one am growing really tired of saying "wait till next year" but I just know the somehow somewhere this can't go on for much longer. The time will come when they show us all that they can win and stomp on teams but it may take some a tap on the shoulder of some current high priced has beens to show them the door before we can give New York fans what they deserve.

    SAR doesn't believe Rex is the answer and he could be right but I'm not sure any coach could win the current talent level

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    his message is hidden because troll a moron 52 is on your ignore list.

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    his message is hidden because troll a moron 52 is on your ignore list.
    what are the positives from todays game being you seem to be a supporting fan of all that sucks.


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