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Thread: Alex Smith v. Sanchize - Support

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainejet View Post
    It wasn't always this way. In 2009 and 2010, our OL entered the "zone". They blew people off the ball and made for some very impressive RB play.

    Not saying this isn't the truth now, but most everything that you post has been better in the past. They gave Sanchez all the weapons he needed to succeed and more. Unfortunately, now, whether you choose to think it was poor GMing or just bad luck this Jets team just isn't as good as it was in 2010. We needed Sanchez to step up. We needed him to grow up.

    Unfortunately, the Jets were wrong in thinking that was going to happen also. Sanchez followed the rest of the team right down the toilet.

    And lets not blame all of this on the surrounding cast. As many have pointed out, there were several passes that should have been bunnies. Sanchez just had horrible accuracy.

    At this point, I feel confident in saying that Sanchez played as well as the rest of the team over the last two seasons. They sucked and so did Sanchez.

    It's time to rebuild and I think it starts with the most important position on the field - the QB.
    It was not my intention to excuse Sanchize, he is not and never will be a top nfl QB - but, they have done nothing to help him. His cast is horrible.

    What offensive players would start on the Niners?

    My count: Mangold, Ferguson (maybe).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Digetydog View Post
    Nobody will mistake either of them for future HOF'ers. Both are average at best. Why is Smith winning and Sanchize struggling?

    RB's - Smith has Frank Gore and a decent backup to run the ball. Sanchize has S Green and Powell - Huge Advantage Niners
    WR's - The Niners have invested picks and money in bringing in better WR's including Crabtree and Moss. The Jets - brought in Chaz. Advantage Niners
    TE - Davis is better than anyone on the Jets roster. It's as simple as that.
    OL - The Niners have bruisers who move the defense off the ball. With quick passes the norm, Smith has enough time to get rid of it most of the time. The Jets OL gets blown back into the backfield and can't protect Sanchize long enough for anyone to get open - Huge Advantage Niners

    Bottom line, the Jets have surrounded their mediocre QB with below average talent at every position.
    Sanchez is not as accurate a passer as Smith. Also in his 4th season it is inexcusable how he still can't grasp (no pun intended) the concept of ball security. His fumble with less then two minutes in the half was sadly typical of him.


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