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    1 or 2 free agents isn't fixing anything. back up the truck on this team and it starts with QB

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJet85 View Post
    A team that scores 48 points week one is in shambles...I dont think so...We need to make adjustments and since revis went down we are still in shock and awe mood in the organization they need to make adjustments quickly or we are f'd but right now we are tied for 1st place in our division so RELAX...the coaches NOW have to ACTUALLY COACH and the PLAYERS OUT THERE NOW N+MUST STEP UP!....Bottom line shut up with all the conspiracy theories Chit man you guys have no faith in a team you are suppose to be a fan of.
    Continue on your delusional trip if you want to. The writing is on the wall. It's time to pull the plug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlito1171 View Post
    TBH....there isnt anyone sitting on their couch that's gonna magically come and save our season.

    Play the rest of the season with the trash we have, take the high draft pick, clean house and start over...
    I put this in a previous post. Must get rid of Tanny NOW. Don't wait!

    He's going to do anything he can to save his job while a new GM will begin the building process. It's time to rebuild -

    let's see the young talent, cut or trade the aging talent (even if they're still good) and start over. But it has to start with the GM, no reason to wait until the end of the year.

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    Is Albert Haynesworth available?

    (this is a joke)


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