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Thread: Cut Sanchez

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    Cut Sanchez

    If they cut him after this year, the net cap hit is 4.4 million, not 11 million. Nobody will trade for him, but the hit is manageable.

    Maybe nobody fills the void, but if we suck it up next year, we can sacrifice 2013 for the number 1 pick a la the Colts.

    Worked out nicely for them.

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    With him under center, we are going to suck enough to get that pick this year.

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    so now we're not only giving up on 2012, but also giving up on 2013?

    jesus christ the history of losing in this franchise has bred some real loser mentalities.

    when things get tough in your life, do you give up or do you work through it?

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    You really want to PAY $4M+ extra to cut Sanchez as opposed to keeping him for a year?


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