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Thread: What ails us, and what can be done

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    What ails us, and what can be done

    So let's just get the obvious part out of the way. Today was terrible. I'm usually the first to try and defend this team, but I've got nothing today. This is simply not a winning team, let alone a playoff bound team. Are the 49ers an elite team? For the most part, yes. Were we expected to lose? Yes. However, these are the kinds of teams you face in the post season and need to show some life against. More importantly, EVERY team should be expected to go out with some dignity and go down fighting. Finishing 34 and ZERO is shameful, especially when you consider how it happened and how, barring a merciful slide, would have been 41-0.

    If you're averse to reading lots of text, stop here. TL,DR version: Gut most of the offense, the FO and the Coaching Staff and start over.

    Now, what ails us? It pains me that I'm able to write a long checklist of problems that this team is dealing with, but that's the reality we're facing.

    The Offense:


    Mark Sanchez - I really like Mark Sanchez. As a person.He could be a good QB, but for some reason he's wildly inconsistent. I'm beginning to shift from my position that he needs time to develop to he needs to go thrive somewhere else. This has been repeated ad nauseum over the last 3 years, but it warrants repeating: not every QB can make it in the Big Apple. I don't think he can handle the pressure here, and maybe a fresh start somewhere in a more QB friendly system will do him some good. I really do wish him the best.

    Tebow - I think he's such a good person and that he'll go on to do great things. Having said that, I'll go on record saying that I don't think those great things will be in the realm of playing football. I DO NOT WANT HIM AS MY STARTING QB. We'd be going from someone who's fairly accurate to someone who is not just not consistently accurate. If your QB's best attribute is that he can run like a tank, you have problems.

    McElroy - He seems like a good kid and he comes from a good, winning program at Alabama. He seems to have performed well in the preseason, but if memory serves me right from his 2 preseasons, he'd basically be Chad Pennington 2.0. That might be ok in a Ground & Pound scheme, but in today's pass friendly NFL, I'd really like to see someone who can gun it with accuracy.

    Summation: We need to draft a new Quarterback.


    We all know that Shonn Greene isn't it. Neither is McKnight because of his tendency to fumble. I haven't seen enough out of Bilal Powell yet to determine whether he's a good change of pace back or starting quality. With our recent drafting, I'm leaning towards good change of pace back. I would like for Grimes to be the next Arian Foster, but with out luck, I'm skeptical. Whether we stay ground and pound or not, we need a back that can make a defender miss, and who won't go down at first contact.

    Summation: We need to draft running backs. More importantly, we need to draft running backs that are going to stick around *cough* Terrance Ganaway *cough*

    Wide Receivers and TEs:

    I'm actually not as down on this group as a lot of people are. We do have talent at wide out, but depth isn't there, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to get another weapon, especially to replace Holmes. Holmes can be an amazing player, but we need to make a point of getting rid of our overpaid players, especially those that cause locker room strife. More importantly, we have a discipline problem. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the drops and bad routes are more linked to poor discipline than anything else.

    I'm more disappointed with our TEs, namely our depth, or lack thereof, at this position. I like Keller, but we need more than one TE that can catch the football, especially for depth purposes. Keller goes down and this offense goes quiet. Everyone keeps talking about needing a blocking TE, but at this point I'd settle for being able to move the ball through the air.

    Summation: I'm optimistic about this group, it just needs some tweaking. I do not advocate building through free agency, but it probably wouldn't hurt to seek out a decent TE or reliable WR on top of drafting some new talent. There are options in free agency that would not involve us overpaying a player.

    The Line:

    In brief, it's not our biggest weakness anymore. No sense in retooling it completely.The holes are there, the protection is there, but the receivers are running bad routes, dropping passes, the QB is overthrowing receivers and the backs are doing their best to run into defenders.

    The Front Office/Coaching

    Rex Ryan: I love Rex as a person, he's funny as hell and he doesn't take himself too seriously. I hope we get to see him on TV one day. However, as a coach, he's not doing us any favors. We've lost the respect of the entire football world, in large part because of him. People don't take us seriously and I'm fairly certain that the attitude has scared away some serious, mature and responsible players. Discipline and hard work is a tried and true formula in all facets of life.

    Ignoring this, I think it's become blatantly obvious that he's a one-dimensional football mind. Defense, defense, defense. How do we score? Run it until we make it to the other side of the field. But let's not worry about who's doing the running, who's creating the holes and who's going to catch the occasional thrown pass. It's not defense, so it must take care of itself.

    Furthermore, his HC duties are eating away at his DC side, as I feel like we've lost that Rex brand of defense we had when he first got here. So, if he's one dimensional, and he isn't doing that one dimension well at the moment, why is he here?

    Summation: It might be time to call it quits with Rex as our HC. I'd love for him to be our DC, but I don't think he'd take the demotion, particularly not here.

    Tanny: I'm a business student, so I can relate to Tanny in some ways. Business minded people work in funny ways, mainly because we're always thinking about how we can be more efficient with our money. Maximize the power of your dollar if you will. This is what makes Tanny a cap specialist.

    Having said that, having a cap specialist for a GM is LOUSY. Why? I'm not in his head, but based on what I see as a fan, his decisions are made with finances in the forefront, and football IQ in the background. I imagine the conversations go like this: "So we NEED X, but look at the deal we can get on Y. We're getting Y." This is how you end up with overpaid players and lousy contracts that we can't get rid of.

    Summation: I'd love to have a Tanny in the Front Office helping manage the cap, but not as our GM.

    Drafting: I could really lump this together with Tanny, but I'm fairly certain that it's bigger than him. Our entire drafting philosophy sucks. I am so tired of drafting project players. Project players can turn out great, but that does not mean you only draft project players. That's how you end up with ou current roster holes. Couples could turn out great. Hill could be great. Demario Davis could be the next Ray Lewis. Antonio allen could be made into a good starting safety. I could go on. That's just one draft class. Adding to this, I mentioned Terrance Ganaway earlier. We CANNOT draft players and then drop a huge number of them, especially not with our holes. We simply cannot afford to waste picks at this point in time, and yet we do.

    Summation: We need new talent evaluators. Hindsight is always 20/20, but other teams do too well in the draft and we simply miss too many good picks/draft the wrong people for me to say that it's bad luck on our part.

    Some ideas going forward

    -Would it be the worst thing to trade Revis? He's eating up a massive part of our cap space and our defense CAN function without him. We did fine against the 49ers until the defense got tired. this is true for any defense. Defenses on the field for too long get tired and start to play poorly. The benefit gained from the trade should net us some valuable picks we can use to rebuild our offense.

    -Maybe trade Holmes as well? I'm sure some Receiver starved teams would love to have him.

    -Use the picks acquired to draft a new QB, HBs and WRs in the 1st and second rounds. I wouldn't be against using a pick on a stud DB that slips through the cracks over character issues in the 2nd to replace Wilson.

    -Resign Landry to a long term deal if he stays healthy. The guy can play. I'd love it if we could secure a FS and move him to SS though.

    Anyways, that's the end of my schpeel for now. Any commentary/feedback?

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    Sorry man most of us surrendered. We know how this fight ends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigragu View Post
    Sorry man most of us surrendered. We know how this fight ends.
    tbr -sometimes you hit the nail on the head.....

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    How about the terrible D? No? All on the O?

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    Quote Originally Posted by millsan1 View Post
    How about the terrible D? No? All on the O?
    Its lost in there, but I did call out Wilson. I also get into how we have too many overpaid players or bad contracts, which include Harris, Scott and Pace. It occurs to me I didn't get into how slow our defense is, and how poor our tackling is. Having said that, I'm going to stick to my guns and say that its hard to fault the D when they're on the field so much. The number of lapses get bigger and bigger as they get tired. If you want to go out on a stretch, you could say that Rex should anticipate that the defense is going to drop an egg, and therefore should emphasize better conditioning, but even the best defenses would crumble like our D consistently does late in the game.

    The bottom line is when we get shut out at home and the offense plays like it does, you can be sure that I'm going to lay the majority of the blame on them.
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