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Thread: ESPN: Is it time for the Jets to rebuild?

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    They are and have been rebuilding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sec.101row23 View Post
    Here is the problem, Woody loves Rex. New GMs mean new Head Coaches. By firing Tanny he would in essence be firing Rex. You can not bring in a new GM and tell him he has to keep the current HC.

    Tanny has been GM for 7 years now, the talent on this roster does not warrant bringing him back, I think most of us can agree on that. At the end of the day I highly doubt that Woody has the balls to make that move.
    Thought the same thing too. It's difficult to attract a former GM with an accomplished resume, like a Bill Polian or Charlie Casserly. They would want to hand pick their own HC. You could do it with someone young or unproven, who would welcome a GM opportunity. And be willing to work with Rex. That's what Mike Holmgren did with Mangini. Of course that didn't work.

    Unless the Jets hit full rock may see no change at GM-HC, until after next season. That's when guaranteed money for Sanchez is up too. He can be cut or traded after next season.

    So Woody may allow Tanny-Rex-Sanchez to continue for one more year. Give them next year to make the playoffs. Or else close the chapter on this trio.

    From what I've seen over these last three games...Jets are going nowhere. Nothing will be accomplished this year. No playoffs for sure. Jets may crash and burn. If so...Woody should then clean House now. Cause a lot of contracts are up after this year. As well as other players, like Pace-Scott-Harris, that can be cut or moved, to make CAP room for significant moves.

    But this also means having Sanchez play under a new OC and playbook. That didn't work for Alex Smith. And it won't work for Sanchez. He'll be a caretaker QB having another bad year.

    So unfortunately...knowing Woody...he will probably wait and see what happens after next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASH_1962 View Post
    The problem here is the current regime thinks the current player roster is good enough and should constantly be competing for a division title when in fact, it is devoid of talent and is in no way a playoff contending roster, which is why I agree, a new GM needs to be brought in here at the end of the season, if not sooner. Tannenbaum cooked his own goose by not doing anything of consequence allowing this product to hit the field for this season.

    This roster is an absolute disgrace considering the amount they charge for the tickets, PSL's, parking etc..
    well, woody made rex keep schotty. but what happens is that the better gm candidates won't take this job if they can't pick their coach. so the jets would settle for a worse gm who would be forced to keep rex, and the cycle would continue.

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    This is an indictment of Tanny and shows how he is in way over his head. Good teams build through the draft - see Steelers, Giants, 49ers, and Ravens. We traded away multiple picks and signed big FA contracts for a Superbowl run in 2008/9 that set us back years. We are now paying the price in lack of depth and salary cap hell:

    • 2007: we traded a 2nd round pick in exchange for for T Jones and a 3rd; spent multiple picks moving up for Revis and Harris -- came away with 4 draft picks
    • 2008: traded 3rd & 5th round picks for Jenkins; traded 2009 4th rd pick for Favre; drafted Gholston in the 1st; moved back into the 1st for Keller; signed big FA contracts with Pace, Woody, and Faneca, as well as signed Richardson, Ty Law, Bubba Franks - came away with 4 picks that made the team
    • 2009: traded 1st & 2nd rd picks and multiple role players to move up for Sanchez; traded 3rd, 4th and 7th round picks to move up for Shonn Greene; traded 2010 5th round pick for Lito Sheppard; traded 2010 3rd & 5th round picks as well as Stuckey and Trusnik for Braylon Edwards -- came away with 3 draft picks
    • 2010: traded 2011 2nd round pick for Cromartie and a 5th for Holmes
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    that's not it at all. the jets haven't drafted an impact player on either side of the ball since revis. they need better good players.

    Quote Originally Posted by rmeyer52 View Post
    Good article but what about a defense that hasn't had a pass rush in a long long time.

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    09 & 10 were great years. .. but the Jets window has shut. .. going to be dark, long seasons ahead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDNYjets View Post
    Coples and Wilk aren't pass rushers. They are tweeners. They both need to bulk up and move inside to DT. Neither one of them is quick enough to rush from the outside.
    Exactly, and neither of them will ever be dominating players. They will be serviceable if coached correctly.


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