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Thread: If they stick with Sanchez, the season is over.

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    If they stick with Sanchez, the season is over.

    I am not advocating putting Tebow in as our first string QB at all, but Sanchez is not gonna get it done. At this point I think he has played his best football. They need to dress out McElroy and at least give him a shot. How much worse could he play than Sanchez. He was a national championship QB under Nick Saban.

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    Dude, COMMON!

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    We got anybody else?????

    Sanchez is not an NFL qb, Tebow is not so who????

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    He Played for Alabama.

    Just saying, he did not play for just any college team he played for THE college team. I seem to remember another great QB that played for Alabama doing some incredible stuff for this team....when they weren't even in the same league.


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