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Thread: PLAXICO, T.O., CHAD???

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    so we are going to trade a draft pick for player we could have for next to nothing? how is that fixing anything around here? we do draft like **** though might not be a bad idea.

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    i'd bring in chad johnson in a heartbeat.

    redemption is the ultimate motivator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JB1089 View Post
    What's the long term upside to any of them?

    Play Hill and Kerley and let them grow.
    Hill is injured and outside of the Bills game he has not looked good. Kerley has been very good so far.

    Unless you guys want to go 4-12 the Jets really need to start thinking about getting some FA playmakers for this offense. Plaxico makes sense. No to TO. No to Chad.

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    Gaffney sounds interesting.
    Edwards would cost a draft pick.
    If Jordan White is not asked back now, he must really not be in their plans.

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    Nope. Not going to happen. This team needs some kind of leadership, and these don't have it. Rex will bring in more guys on the d to fix the o.

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    fans here seem to be passionate about the return of edwards. what about a fifth-seventh conditional draft pick based on playing time and performance. why the heck not this is the jets.


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