That is what is missing from this excuse laden organization. Rex likes to take all of the accountability on his shoulders, but you know what, that does not work.

Parcells never did that. Belicheck neither. A coaches job is not to be accountable, its to make the players accountable for their performances.

And this can be summed up by the play of Sanchez. Whether or not you think it is his fault, or the regimes, he still needs to be held accountable. This is two games in a row he played like a 3rd stringer.

Mark Sanchez had a poor year last year, and we go out and give him a contract extension. I mean, are we going to bench/get rid of a guy who is guaranteed 20 mil over the next 2 years?

That's the problem here. Shonne Greene, D-Brick, Sanchez, Bart Scott, Pace, Thomas, Wilson - all have no fear of losing their jobs b/c they are the coach's picks.

Is benching Sanchez the answer? Idk if that's the case this year, but I do know that making it so he knows he will never be benched certainly does not help.

It's sad, cause I like Rex. But at this point, who doesn't want the entire organization to have different people in it from top to bottom?