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Thread: Did anyone else receive email survey

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    Did anyone else receive email survey

    I received email survey from Jets Ticket Office regarding yesterday's game day experience. I really unloaded my true feelings, I don't have to get into specifics but we all feel the same way. Anyone else get survey?

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    They can't be serious. What kind of responses do they expect?

    "I had a pleasant time spending $15 for a hot dog and soda and enjoyed the 49ers fans who took over the stadium. Wish we could have won, maybe even score a point or two, but my gameday experience was wonderful."

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    Either they are trolling, or they really are clueless. My guess is the latter.

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    I let em have it as well. Poor day to send those out.

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    I don't think the person who is responsible for sending those out, really gives a ****, to be honest.

    He's just doing what his bosses tell him/her to.

    If anything, these email surveys are a perfect opportunity for fans to really "let them have it" as some here said. If only they'd do this for EVERY game. lol.


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