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Thread: Our lack of athletisism on defense is sickening

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    Our lack of athletisism on defense is sickening

    I cant believe that we continue to trot Mke DeVito, Bryan Thomas, Bart Scott and Calvin Pace out there. They are only supposed to stop the run yet when they cant do it as in recent weeks then there is no purpose in having them on the field as they are slow and dont provide any pass rush.

    We are always a step or two slow with those guys and it makes me sick to watch us being outplayed by marginal guys like Kaepernick or Daniel Thomas.

    Whenever Davis and Coples were in the game yesterday we looked ten times better and it is also a crime that Maybin never sees the field...

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    Rex's guys....they know the schemes....they know the reads......

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    Agreed with OP.

    The entire excuse for having these guys on the field was because they stopped the run. shutting down the run was okay, even if they couldn't rush the passer or cover a TE...

    There is NO reason for these guys to even be on the team at this point.


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